Natasha Shah

front end development and web design


fine tune therapy

type of company

sports massage, pilates and complimentary therapies


Bexleyheath, Kent

project live since

March 2015

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This project is a rebuild from its ancestor which worked as an essential and successful marketing tool for my client for a number of years. As time moved on however, the service seemed to be attracting, let's say, some rather unexpected interest. Requests for "velvet massages" catapulted the decision to re-build and re-brand the service.

The process began with a complete change to the content architecture as a little monster had been born out of the addition and removal of content over the years with regular updates to the site further nurturing this creature of the dark. Once the new structure and content had been agreed, we had a new name, colour scheme and strategy. The goal now was to portray this new content with a light, crisp and clean design.

The result is a fresh, new, scalable site with clear pathways to goal pages and a strong professional identity. Why not take a peek? You could even try some reflexology, my client is magical in her work!

oxon cafe

type of company

cafe and bar


San Ramón, Peru

project live since:

April 2015

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I worked in Oxon cafe in Peru for a month and a half back in August 2014. It is owned by a wonderful English lass from Oxford called Lucy and her charming Peruvian husband, Waldyr. Their coffee comes direct from Waldyr's family coffee plantation and it is high grade coffee bean heroin!

They requested a super clean and simple design with options for the text to be displayed in Spanish or English. They already had a strong brand identity and their menu was offered as further design inspiration.

Credit goes to my fiancé, Luke Williams for the photographs displayed in the gallery. The composition and clarity of the images reflect the cafe in all its glory and the completed design carries a message of quality across the whole site.

If you find yourself roaming the streets of San Ramón, Oxon cafe is the place to go. Get your fix of amazing coffee and bring a packet back for me please!

jules et lis

type of company

out of school clubs


Various locations in Essex

project live since:

March 2014

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The origins of this website started as a handbook in the form of a word document. My task was to translate this into an online resource for anyone looking for out of school care for their children.

The project was a joy to work on, from putting together the site architecture right through to the delivery stage. The design stage was particularly fun as I had free reign to use vibrant colours and cute butterflies!

The design conveys a bright message and shows the school clubs' commitment to the services and activities they provide for the children.