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utilising the power of free social media

There is not a one size fits all social media package for businesses. We will need to review your content before we can work out the best way to utilise social media to enhance your business. We need to steer away from just using social media because it is free and because we can. We need to keep it interesting, up to date and relevant. To do this, we can draw on what we have learned from your competitor review and use ideas that will have presented themselves throughout the various processes so far.

quality over quantity

There are many free resources available to help advertise your services and it is important not add your business to every free listing service out there, never to return to update your information. I recommend sticking to fewer resources but keeping your information quality high. Business pages (such as those provided by Google and Bing) are a good addition to your advertising arsenal and as long as the information you put out there is consistent, thorough and up to date, you will find a good return on your time invested.