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content is king!

If you read any guidance about creating content for your website, you will find this statement uttered again and again. It is not only applicable for better SEO results but it is also important to keep in mind as you want users to remain interested and to return to your site. The design of your website is valuable but without strong content, design alone will not keep your users coming back for more nor will it entice new visitors to stick around.

it all rests on your content

Your SEO and social media strategy are inextricably linked to your content strategy. They must all feed into each other and continue to enhance your website on an ongoing basis. Your content should be updated, reviewed and improved upon as much as possible. We will work on ways to achieve this and it will provide the means to draw up your site architecture and wireframes.

website disclaimers and the cookie law

For your own legal protection, it is advisable to include a disclaimer on your website (you can read my terms for this site as an example). Together we can draw up a website disclaimer that fits your business needs.

Since May 2011 EU law dictates that websites ask visitors for consent to use most web cookies. The great peeps at silktide have provided the masses with a lovely open source solution which I use as standard on all my projects.