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website analysis / review process

This process is essential and marks the start of any work you will do with me. Whether you already have a website or are starting from scratch, it is essential to understand where your business is (or will be) in terms of competitors and / or similar businesses. The findings of this report will aid us in creating a strategy and provide a foundation for guidance in our future decision making.

website analysis / review report

The report will identify your competitors and review proposed key words / key phrases. It will detail points about each of your competitor sites in terms of content, navigation and design. From this, we can draw conclusions about the similarities and differences between them. It will also highlight any interesting ideas and show examples of any good and bad practices identified. The findings from the initial key words / key phrases review will provide your SEO strategy with a starting point. The report will also gather all references of your business from across the web. By doing this we can seek to turn around any negativity and capitalise on any positivity.